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StockTickr - A Trading Journal That Makes bets are not subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. A trading journal to track your stocks and futures trades. Maximize the return on your capital with a trading log and reporting tools. StockTickr is a trading diary.

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Click to download options trading system in a diary 2015 You can also close multiple positions in one go using the new strike menu, and prepare a trade before it becomes active. Choose your stake and work out your maximum potential profit and loss. The aim of the diary is to provide an “automatic” options trading system list of trades for the year ahead, based on historic mathematical.

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OptionsTrading Journal Spreadsheet Trade CFDs or spread bet on thousands of global financial instruments. Options trading journal spreadsheet, for all Options traders. Track & analyze your Options trades in various customizable performance tracking categories. Home;

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Thread My Options Trading Diary - Discussion forum. There’s no substitute for a trading floor to get great ideas, so Jim Cramer created a better one at Real Money and blogs there exclusively. This report page is a snippet summary view from a single thread "My Options Trading Diary", located on the Message Board at

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