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Opinionated In a Sentence - Words in a Sentence In general, an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive. Definition of Opinionated. very certain of one's views or opinions. Use Opinionated in a sentence. Because Tessa is so opinionated, she disregards the opinions.

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Opinionated Meaning - YouTube Whether they are friends, family, or coworkers, these types of people can get on our nerves. Video shows what opinionated means. Having very strong opinions. Holding to one's own opinion obstinately, stubbornly and unreasonably.

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Opinion - Urban Dictionary I've seen a lot of other framework/library developers throw the phrase 'we write opinionated software' around, but in practical terms, what does that really mean? Contrary to what many people who add 'definitions' here think, Opinion is not the same as Definition. Opinion is the usually biased twisting of fac.

<u>Opinionated</u> Synonyms, <u>Opinionated</u> Antonyms Merriam.

Opinionated Synonyms, Opinionated Antonyms Merriam. BBC2, 10pm There wasn't much to celebrate when the banks lost all our money and we were left in a situation where it's cheaper to post our cars to their destinations than fill them with fuel and drive them there. Synonyms of Opinionated doctrinaire, dogmatic, opinionative, opinioned, pontifical Antonyms of Opinionated latitudinarian, undoctrinaire, undogmatic—Find the.

<u>Opinionated</u> Synonyms, <u>Opinionated</u> Antonyms

Opinionated Synonyms, Opinionated Antonyms We speak of a good opinion, a favorable opinion, a bad opinion, a private opinion, and public or general opinion, &c. Stiff in opinion; firmly or unduly adhering to one's own opinion; obstinate in opinion. Synonyms for opinionated at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

Terminology - What does '<b>opinionated</b> software' really mean.

Terminology - What does 'opinionated software' really mean. A mumpsimus is an action by a person who adheres to a routine, idea, custom, set of beliefs, or a certain use of language that has been shown to be unreasonable or incorrect. Does it mean that the author of the 'Opinionated Framework X' says that. way"; it means "I will make you suffer until you do things this way".

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What does opinionated mean? Agreement? - Instructables I’ve used “opinionated” to characterize a few i OS apps as of late and I’ve been told to define the term. Well the simple definition of opinionated means simply, containing or. Everyone has opinions, so does that mean everyone is opinionated?

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Opinionated Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary Opinion is when the assent of the understanding is so far gained by evidence of probability, that it rather inclines to one persuasion than to another, yet not without a mixture of uncertainty or doubting. The judgment or sentiments which the mind forms of persons or their qualities. However, I have no opinion of these things - OPIN'IONATED, a. Opinionated definition, meaning, what is opinionated An opinionated person is certain about their beliefs, and expresses their ideas strongly. Learn more.

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