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OrderSend - Trade Functions - 4 Reference This guide assumes that you already downloaded your tick data and processed it into an FXT file and several HST files, all of which were copied in the proper locations. OrderSend - Trade Functions - 4 Reference. WebTerminal; Documentation; Book; TA;. If the requested open price is fully out of date, the error 138 ERR_REQUOTE.

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4 error 138 — Hi, i'm trying to use a DLL from my EA in 4 (Build 1010) i wrote a DLL using C with VS 2015 but i am keep getting Error 126 i tried to put the DLL in the Data folder (Build 600 folders): C:\Users\XXX\App Data\Roaming\Meta Quotes\Terminal\XXX\Libraries and i tried to put it in a different folder, no luck, i keep getting 126 error my DLL is complied to 32 bit. OrderSend Error 138 Forex Trading con . L'errore 138 è un errore che si incontra tipicamente quando si utilizza denaro reale e non su conti.

Forex error 138:

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